Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Living Times - May & June issue in the mail and online

Thanks to Designer & Editor Jennifer Wolfe and contributing writer Michael Helquist we have the latest edition of St. Cyprian's Living Times below.

Remembering Mom

On Sunday during our 10:10 a.m. service different members of the congregation shared memories of our mother's, here's one such memory from member Sandra Manning

Remembering my Mom, Annie Mae Manning (March 20, 1921 - September 24, 2000)
by Sandra Manning

"Many people don't know this about my mom, she had a DRUG problem, she DRUG us to Church, DRUG us to Sunday School, DRUG us to Bible Study, DRUG us to Vacation Bible School." (Laughter).

"But anyway, she, as a single parent of 4, (I'm the baby.) I can't figure out HOW she did it. Feeding 4 hungry kids, then our friends would come over, she would feed THEM. Talk about feeding the multitudes!" (it worked for Jesus, right?)

"Another thing about her, she was fearless. She had to go to visit my oldest sister who at the time, lived in Hunter's Point, which was tough back in the 1970's. She would ride the #42 Evans bus to West Point, packing a baseball bat (a Louisville Slugger) to my sister's house.
When people see my mom (and me with her) with that bat, they cleared a path for her (it worked for Moses & the Red Sea, right?) That was RESPECT! One person that she used to babysit said to me, 'Your Mom was NO JOKE!'"